Mind of a Wierdo
2001-08-01 06:55:02 (UTC)

But I dont wanna grow up ....

Dont ask! hahaha. Okay well here we go. Me and my shnitty
lil day. What did I do? What did I do? Well it is 11:45 on
ummmmm o yes .... July 31, 2001. Sigh. Summer almost over
and I still have yet to do anything overly exciting. I
watched movies all day. Whoopie all right. Other then that
I came on line, read a couple emails, read some die-ary
entries. And responded back to Daria and Chris in Puerto
Rico. They are having much fun. Daria checkin out all the
guys in their lil speedos (eww nasty vision gross) and
Chris checking out all the senoritas in their lil dinky
bikinis that would fit on my lil nieces barbie dolls. Haha.
That is funny though but that isn't what they are doing. To
my understanding, it is raining and they had a flood alert
warning thing-a-magigy. Whatever. Well let me see what did
I watch today. Uhhhh 'The Art of War' (seen it before)
'Three Kings' (seen it and reminded me of Chris) X-men
(didnt want to go to bed so I saw it again) 'Superstar'
(uhhh what can I say) and ummm that is it for today. Yeap.
And like I said I went on-line checked my mail and had the
radio blasting Prodigy. O man I love them. Shnit. I dont
think I am goin to get my entry as long as I hoped. O well.
Not much that is on my mind. No wait I lied. I am afraid of
something but I rather not get too into it. I need to find
out first instead of worrying myself to death. I really
frightens me. It isn't something that I would never ever
want to go through but I think (emphasizing on think)I may
be or goin to. I just dont want to worry about it so much.
Yea yea ..... I kno ......... stop makin you wonder but
that is all I can do for now. You can ask me but I dont kno
if I really want to tell anyone. O hey I got the entry
longer. You proud of me! Well huh .... huh? Fine I'll
leave............... sheesh ................... so pushy
..............hahahaha ............