Visible Star
2002-10-08 17:16:29 (UTC)

Oh Happy Day!!!

Ok can I just say that I have had an awesome past 24 hours!! I got
to go and vido an AllTogether Seperate concert last night and then
hang out with the band afterwards!! On Friday Im videoing Skillet
and on Saturdat im videoing the Vertical fest wich is
SWITCHFOOT, Skillet, GS Megaphone, Exempt, and Rythm!! And
then on Sunday Im videoing The Violet Burning!!!! Holy cow!!! I
cant blieve what im getting to do!! Its freakin crazy!!!! God is SO
stikin good!!! All these people Im getting to meet and stuff!! Their all
so stinkin awesome!! So yah the Lord is deffinatly gonna ahve to
annoint me and work through me cause I can only do it in His
power cause my fleshy is sucky!!! But yah Ill update when Im