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2002-10-08 16:54:53 (UTC)

I want the song...

I'm all sappy again but anyhoo. I was listening to a cd
today of my oohey gooey love songs (still am actually- Shape
of My Heart- BSB) and that's what I want- I want the song.
To be told all those beautiful words in sappy love songs.
You know, like "This I Promise You" which is STILL one of my
alltime favourites- "I've loved you forever, in life times
before and I promise you never will you hurt anymore..."
mmmm. Sooooo pretty. Oooh and last night I was dreaming
about Dream Guy again- you know the dream where I'm getting
married but I never quite see his face? Well I think I
almost did last night- not sure. Mmmmm. I have GOT to stop
listening to these songs. I'm all gooey. (:

Current mood: sappy
Current music: "wherever you will go"- The Calling

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