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2002-10-08 16:48:23 (UTC)

dear amie i enjoyed the..

dear amie
i enjoyed the little chat we had today. I expect
your phone call soon. Amie whitney says that you have been
doing this for a long time. What she means is you have too
short a temper and you two had too many fights. I agree
with her but i think that the reason for these fights are
the fact that she is too young to have a close friendship
with you. And since she has entered middle school we have
gained more friends and sometimes i think that we arent as
close as we used to be. I have sided with whitney on this
fight but that dose not mean that i want to discontinue my
friend with you. My point is this if you can not handle
whitney having other friends than mabey you two should not
be friends. I know whitney and she dose jump around from
friend to friend but if you were a true friend than you
could except that. It gets a little confusing at times for
me but i have gotten use to it and if you would have wanted
to be friends with whitney still than you. But you wanted
to keep her for your self. She is not a thing that you can
call on when ever you want a friend she can make her own
decisions about whom she wants to hang out with or say
church with and you cant stop her. Dont think that calling
my mom will make matters better whitney explained the whole
thing to her and she agrees with whitney!