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Silver Dust the Cypress
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2002-10-08 16:48:04 (UTC)

A very happy birthday :-)

I'm in my 20s now
The feeling is ... ... special
I feel that I hv more responsibility
to my family, to my friends,
and in fact to everybody

Here, I must express my gratitude to all of my friends
It is YOU that made my birthday special
It is YOU that made me feel important
And it is YOU that made me feel being surrounded by love
Thank you so much, my dear friends~

I know I'm far from perfect
Sometimes I can be very unreasonable
and say things that hurt ppl
Believe me, I'm trying my best to improve myself
This may take time
But plz do help me to do so...

I look forward to this suppose-to-be the most brilliant
decade of my life
I do hope everyone of you would share my joy now
And that we're going to share every weal and woe together
in the future~