2002-10-08 14:36:44 (UTC)

i know that i fit perfectly inside you


i have a new favorite song. the stranger. melissa ferrick.

i have to pee i dont want to move thats true laziness.

class today.
no work today.
only one class.
then home.
then drs appt...

a man talked to me last night.
he touched my back.
i couldnt decide if he was really concerned.
he told me he was.
"i dont want to pick up the paper tomorrow
and see that youve done something drastic"
an ex drug addict.
an ex alcoholic.
trying to convience me of all people
to go his meetings.
he touched my knee.
he hugged me goodbye.
he sat down. right next to me.
"it cant be that bad sweetie.
dont let yourself over that line.
if it cant get worse.
then it can only get better."
he told me he was from
where there was cold.
has a niece with my same name.
and i couldnt cry in front of him.
i couldnt talk to him.
i didnt want him to talk to me.
i did not look at him.

jennifer just imed me.