crackheads thoughts
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2002-10-08 13:57:32 (UTC)

I hate break & football games!!

Well.....this week has started out just great!!:( I have
found out some stuff that i really didnt wanna hear!! I
found out how to do stuff and thats just kool! no more ms.
nice person. I look like shit today....thats cause i feel
like shit today! I found out a lot of stuff from ashley
brown and ashley pedigo....~Thanks to you two!~ Also hey to
all my friends from lj and school and just every where. I
hate school..School is gay!! brake waz stupid......just
very stupid!.....and thats about all i have to say on
here......b/c what i really want to say ..i cant say on
here.....but my lil plan will work!!!! the name on
msn....say's it ALL!!