Dear Diary
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2001-01-23 18:45:07 (UTC)

1 Samantha Stevens was..


Samantha Stevens was walking in the woods on the way home
wearing her favorite jeans and Tommy Girl T-shirt. She
thought about
her boyfriend Scott Philips. How he was the best player on
basketball team, and that he was cuter than anyone in the
Twigs snapped beneath her sneaker. A sudden wind
came and
left the same way it came, sudden. She held her breath, as
always did, while she past the dark, cold cemetery. She had
hated that cemetery. Every year on Halloween someone was
murdered. Another wind came in and she shivered.
Samantha finally made it home to 2023 Meridian
Dr. She saw
the front door open. She walked inside, climbed the stairs,
walked to
her room, and saw her best friend Sarah Stinke laying on
her bed.
" What are you doing here?" Samantha demanded. "I
you said you had volleyball practice."
" Well, I did but it was canceled." Sarah admitted
sitting up on
Samantha's bed." Don't be so grouchy." Then she picked up a
magazine from Samantha's nightstand and flipped through it.
" Ya wanna go to the mall? There's nothing to do
Samantha asked.
Sarah replied, "Sure. We can go to that new hang out
Sarah got up and went to the bathroom.
She probably went to freshen up. Hoping Scott will
be there,
Samantha thought, She loves Scott. He's mine and she will
never take
Samantha walked down the stairs and out the front
door. She
walked over to the swing her mother loved. Her mother use
to bring
her out there and just swing the night away. That all
stopped when
her mother died last year, May 4, 1998. Exactly two days
before her
15th birthday. Her dad was away on business when it
Since then she really never saw her father.
Always leaving
the house when she spoke of mom.
Finally Sarah came out of the house and they
walked down
Meridian Dr.
Scott lives down this street. His house is
beautiful. It has
green grass little neat cut bushes that were carved into
dogs. Mr.
Philips loves dogs. They already have four golden
retrievers. My
house is just a little shack its pretty but not compared to
" Let's stop by Scott's and see if he wants to
come to the mall
with us." Sarah suggested. She loved inviting Scott. Gives
her a
chance to flirt with him outside of school.
" All right," Samantha said in a muffled voice
hoping Sarah
hadn't heard her. Too bad she did.
" Do you think Scott will ask me out tonight?"
Sarah asked
with a grin on face and her eyes closed. Samantha could
tell she was
daydreaming about him.
" I go out with him! How... Why would he go out
you while he's going out with me?!" Samantha shouted at
Sarah. " He
will never go out with you!! And forget about the club! I'm
not going."
Samantha could see tears in Sarah's eyes and Samantha knew
went to far. Sarah ran down the street sobbing loudly.
" Whatever." Samantha mumbled while she
walked up
the driveway of Scott's house and knocked on the door. The
opened slightly and Samantha saw a dark brown haired women.
" Hi Mrs. Philips! Is Scott home?" Samantha asked
"Why, yes do come in. Scott's upstairs with his
friend. You can
go up to his room,Samantha," Mrs. Philips said walking
toward the
Samantha got halfway up the marble staircase
Scott's room when she heard arguing. She walked faster up
the stairs
to hear what they were saying. She saw Miles Stephenson
the crack of the door. She heard him say," I hate Sarah.
She is such
a crybaby. I like Sam much better." Samantha's nickname was
She loved to be called that especially from Miles. It's
just the way he
says it.
Then she heard Scott's voice," What makes you
think I like
Sarah? She's your girlfriend. Sam is mine and if we ever
break up...
never mind you will never have her.Why don't you just break
up with
Smantha walked in and started to feel
lightheaded.She saw
they were watching T.V. She felt her face turning red.
Miles looked at
her. " What's wrong Sam?" Miles asked. She felt really
dizzy and
didn't know why. She saw Scott running towards her. Then
everything went black.


She woke up in Scott's arms. Mr. and Mrs. Philips were
surrounding them. Everything was spinning now. Then she
heard a
familar voice. It was Sarah.

" What are you doing here?" Sam asked angrily.
Sarah, totally ignoring the question, said to Scott, "
She's been
acting like that all day. I don't think anything's wrong
with her."
"That's what you think. Do you know what Miles and Scott
about you? They said you were a...."
Miles ran to Samantha and covered her mouth so she
say anthing. Once again Sarah's eyes teared up and she ran
out the