Dark Thoughts
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2001-08-01 06:27:08 (UTC)

a new month

Finally, a new month has begun. It's been August for about
2 hours now, and it feels great. Well this is the last
month of summer, first month of school, first month I'll be
allowed back at the mall (had a little shoplifting prob)
I'm just that much closer to fall, I've been waiting
patiently for months.
I have 6 months till I get my permit, and exactly one year
till I get my liscense. Boy, time flies :P Hopefully life
will be shaping up better. We are going today to sign that
house over to my aunt. But I found some bad news today :(
of course, what else is new. When we go to Ohio next week
we can't take the van and the car, we all have to take the
van, and to make matters worse, we can't take the bikes!!
Shit it all sux, that just ruined my entire vaca.
I'm sittin here in the dark listenin to Eminem. He eases my
nerves, yea that sounds weird, but he does.
God, 21 days till school starts.. Damit. I still have
Spanish hw to do!! arg! I have to write a paper about
myself :P
I'm pissed, I think I'm gonna go delete some entries here
in a min. *sings* 'mentally ill from amityville,
acidentally kill your family still, thinkin he won't, god
damit he will, mentally ill from amityville..' great song.
I can't wait till they play the song that features snoop
dog. god I love him.
hmm.. I wish you could change the font on here, i'm looking
for a nice depressing gothy font. but of course since i
want it, i can't have it..
oohhh!! here's my snoop song! 'damn baby girl what's your
name? damn i ferget.. you don't really wanna fuck with me,
only niger that i trust is me, fuck around and make me
bust, is he.. woah oh big slim dog.. 80ft long balls..' oh
i love it :) LONG LIVE SNOOP DOGGY DOG!!! i'm out

WEARING: bathing suit, jeans
FEELING: hyper.. dammit make the happiness stop :P

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