Gordo's Food Diary
2001-08-01 06:20:55 (UTC)


Today I followed my plan. I ate almost exactly what I had
planned to, and I'm ecstatic because I have never done that
before. The only thing I ate more was half of a bananna
and some coffee with cream and chocolate. But it was non-
fat cream so its all good. Here's what the plan entitled.

1 piece toast with peach-pear perserves-120 calories

1/2 cup noodles-110 calories
1/2 cup of my mixture of veggies and chicken-110 calories

2/3 cup of peas and carrots-50 cals
2 bites of angel food cake-25 cals

Day total-415 calories.

I also are a little banana and some creamer and chocolate
in my coffee so total today around 500 cals.

There was a show today on OPB on anorexia. What should
have scared me to death really didn't bother me
whatsoever. I would think, "I should go eat something"
and then I thought about all my plans that would be ruined
and I felt totally empowered. Today was the week marker
for my new beginning. I took all of my measurements. I
lost 1/2 an inch off my theighs and a whole inch off my
waist. Total this week I've lost 5 pounds. I have no
intention of stopping, and no urge to eat much at all.
Foods like donuts and pizza almost disgust me now that I
think of the fat that goes into them. If I keep this up I
will have reached my goal for September 4th (the day school
starts.) My goal is 100 pounds. Though I doubt that I
will be 100 by then I will have at least lost an additional
10 lbs from where im at. I've grown to know the times it
takes me to lose certain amounts of weight because of being
like this for so long. I think I might create a pro-
anorexia web page. many people think they are just sick,
but they give me comfort and support which if more than I
can say for the rest of the world. I haven't worked out
today yet and I'm feeling guilty. It may be 11:00 pm, but
there is always time to exercise!