The Squizz
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2002-10-08 09:16:43 (UTC)


Yeeah, I've tripped over a proverbial curb and fallen
directly on my face again. I'm taking a huge bite out of
the sidewalk of life at the moment.
Profs, bless them for attempting to teach complex theories
to simpletons (myself included), have all conspired against
me. I've been slammed with 4 papers due in one day, and
three quizes/tests the following day. Not to mention a dire
need for sleep.. which I'm obviously not getting. I think
my brain died a while ago, yet I'm still sitting here
trying to pump viscous fluids out of a cavernous space.
That in mind, I'm going to go take an ekg reading on my
single remaining brain cell, shock it with paddles, and try