Lenore the fool

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2002-10-08 08:08:24 (UTC)


Of course what else do i talk about here. I have good
reason though. I don't want to drive my finds nuts being
stupid talking about theguy of the moment. Yeah they guy
of the moment is a hallmate of my good friend. He's
awesome and i've been talking to him online so i'm pretty
psyched. There as always is a problem though i think he's
in love with this girl friend he has back in SD. But they
never really went out. He's really great tho. Prolly the
only guy i'd seriously consider dating that i know right
now. I know a lot of guys that i think are cute or nice
but i dunno...he's just different. I can only hope that
he will see something good in me too. i wish i were
prettier. Actuallyi wish i were a lot of things. But you
can't always live up to your own dreams. I'm getting
frustrated with myself, and thefact that i'm not
attractive. Or not beautiful in a "oh my god" sense which
really sucks. I think i've been looking too far out of my
league. But i refuse to settle this time. I will not go
out with anyone unless i'm sure *I* really like them.
Unless I'm drunk...then it's just a just for tonight thing

I miss having someone to say i love you to. I want to say
it to someone and i'm afraid it'll come spilling out of my
mouth before i realize it. I should probablly go now
though my roommate is trying to sleep.

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