Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2002-10-08 06:31:08 (UTC)

The fallowing Week...

Online nobody knew anything for a while.Then through the
kaos with my ex I slipped it to him.His friend told the
room and I said "I only lied to my ex and thats why you
think its todd.It wasnt todd."They said"What about the romm
#411?"and I said"Duh,I made that up.411 is whats the deal?
Youre so gullable."That room # was pure coinkiedink and
quick thinking.
Todd IMed me and asked if I wanted to hang out that
weekend.I was thinking"This was supposed to be a one time
thing but I like him.I guess thats kewl,and so soon."He
called me at about 12pm when austin and I fell asleep for
our afternoon nap.He wanted to take me to an Everclear
concert.I was like ok sure whatever.When I hung up the
phone and was more awake I felt like slapping myself for
being so chilled about EVERCLEAR!I was PSYCHED!!I called
tara,chuck,and emely each individually to brag"Im gonna see
everclear in concert."like a retard.I was a bit scared
cause Im so antisocial but I thought as long as todd was
there I'd keep my cool.
We went out about 4pm and the concert started at
8pm.Ofcourse we were at the same hotel room 211 this
time.He ordered it online.We left there at about 6:30 and
got there early.We got stuff at mcdonalds and the fries
were gross but I ate some of them just to be
appreceative.When he said they were yucky I was like TG!I
dont have to act like theyre fine anymore,lol.So after we
got our tickets he bought me a t-shirt.I thought 20$ was a
lot but I really wanted it.Todd had to go get his camera
and asked if I wanted to get it or save our spot.I saved
our spot figureing I was safer inside with a crowd than a
dark college parking lot.I wasnt that scared by myself
standing there.Thinking about it now I wonder why I didnt
get all freaked out into a panic attack.There were a few
rude people and usually I'd turn around swinging but within
seconds I shut it out and was happy doing my thang.Screw
rude people!I was having a good time whether they were or
not.People werwe mosching behind us and Todd protected me
through that crap and I didnt even know it for the first 4
times they pushed us.We were right infront of the gate the
whole time.This guy knocked todd in the head crowd
surfing,though he denies he was knocked.He was knocked.I
ducked down and watched the dude go right over me,which I
still think is funny beyond all things.You gotta emagine
seeing someones body float over you because everyones
beating their butts to lift him over:p.Theres nothing like
it.We stood there for about 4 hours straight being shifted
within about 1-2' every now and then.When we left I wanted
to go over to the hotel with todd.I was tired as heck,and
it was about 2:30 when we got there.We basicly had a
quickie and went to bed.The next morning I felt really bad
for not giving him any.I just cant do it with morning
breath and the sweat from the night before.He took me home
and got on my comp.I trust he didnt screw with my stuff.He
told me how to remove my name from other peoples buddy
list.I was sore and still tired but I didnt want to lay
down.So I went shopping with austin all day,and spent 150
$.I got austin a cookie and bought him 2 christmas gifts to
add to the pile.Its a sesame street guitar,and this cute
soft stuffed dog(we'll both like that one).Im so tempted to
break out the toys now but I cant afford to,if I could I'd
have opened all of them by now.Outside the store waiting
for my mom I called Todd on her cell.I told him I got the
first "Good charlotte" CD and the new "DMB" 'Busted Stuff'
along with other stuff I got.He went to the bar with his
bud.I could have got my mom to babysit and went with him
but I felt so achey and I didnt want to tell him.Plus I
felt like I had bailed out on Austin for sleeping over with
Todd.Austin and I needed a day out together.
I told todd I might get my eyebrow pierced this weekend
and I want him to go with me.I want a new tattoo but I dont
know what to get.If I cant decide Im not going to get one.I
will get something before Halloween though.I asked Todd to
get one and he doesnt know if he will or not.He probably
wont.People who have never gotten a tat before are scared
crapless the first time.I sure was dramatic as heck the
first time.This weekend he asked me to dress up for him.I
used to like that but nobody ever appreceated it.I told
him "You buy it,I fit it,I wear it".If I dont like it I'll
just tell him it doesnt fit.I know Im gonna feel really
aquard about it.But then again who knows,when Im with Todd
I can never predict my own reactions.He makes everything
more fun than I think it would be.