I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-10-08 05:33:54 (UTC)

Old School

During my lunch break today I had to go to the post
office. I went in and was waiting in line when one of the
guys being helped by our friendly postal employee turned
around and looked directly at me. "Hey!" I know I knew him
from somewhere, but I couldn't place him immediately. I
gave him the same familiar "Hey! How are you?" back, and
he said he'd be right over to talk to me. My mind started
racing. He was so familiar looking. He came over and
called me by name. Crap. He knew my name, and I didn't
know his. We started talking and it finally hit me who he
was. I went to high school with him. He had long hair, was
into Phish before everyone else was, loved Jerry Garcia,
etc. But today his hair was closely shaved, was wearing
casual work clothes, just very different from how I
remember him. Of course, his life has changed in the past
4 years, just as mine has. But it's odd. What has happened
to him since he graduated with me in that huge arena? We
only had a few minutes, and didn't talk about ourselves,
but about others that we had run into. We were never
really friends in high school. It just seems like such a
long time ago. And it was.


PS-after my high school acquaintance left, the man behind
me in line looked at me and said, "You had no idea who
that was, did you." I laughed, and said he was very
correct. :)