It smells like poop over here
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2002-10-08 05:33:14 (UTC)

and we'll fight...

...fight for what we believe, what was it we believe?" the
gamits, "last of the mullets" what a great song.
so what are you doing? im not doing anything, sitting
here with a pain in my stomach, but not a nagging pain, i
need to spill my guts, but i don't know what to say to do
it. eh, it's probably just gas, hehe.
my brother comes back saturday night, i've gotta pick
him up at the bus station. i kinda want a cigarette right
now, but ill wait till my mom goes to work. maybe ill slam
a beer too, get a lil buzz on. im gonna masturbate again,
lil later. im listening to that justin sane song again,
always make me think of andrea, SLC punk and fantasties of
being in love all rolled into one. fuck love, i got more to
do with my life. i think this is gonna be my last pack of
cigarettes. i only have 3 left, but i still want to smoke.
i hope i can hook up with that T girl at school. i forgot
her name, but it starts with a T, and she hasn't got any in
a while, id go down on her in a second. i got the tongue
for it. dammit, i didn't think i was "addicted" to smoking,
i suppose i am, fuck. i got that nicotine craving, fuck
that. ill do whatever i god damn well please. ill smoke,
ill switch to ultra lights, ill drink (light beer) and ill
toke a bowl every so often, soon as i buy a bowl and keep
that weed plant going.
what to say, what to say? am i even talking? you
know, i used to write all sloppy in lower case letters, but
now i write in all capitols, and it's pretty neat. after
writing the same way for 18 years, i just up and changed
it. it's 2nd nature to me now, i write that way with out
thinking about it, and im changing the way i write certain
letters, like T,G,R,N,A,B,E,K, and P. i started all this
one my first day of college, now im into my 2nd year and i
have decent handwriting, and that's the only way my current
teachers know how i write, they don't know i used to write
like shit for 18 years. mr. monaghan @ south was the only
teacher who could clearly read just about anything i wrote.
my mom's bout to leave, im gonna have a smoke.


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