Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2002-10-08 05:31:10 (UTC)

Meeting Todd

I told todd I'd make a diary for him but I didnt want to
use my main account so I'm useing this one.I only use this
e-mail when Im out so nobody sees me type my password.
Todd is really kewl.He makes me laugh cause he's so off
the hixook.When we were in the chat room I was really mean
to him.I didnt know him.I just didnt like him.I thought he
took peoples pics when they didnt know it and passed them
around the room.Like he sat there charming girls until they
stripped then he'd clip their pics.Thats what my ex used to
tell me because my ex didnt want me stripping.So I was
always mean to Todd.I thought he was pure evil
on/offline.One day he IMed me.I thought WTF does this
asshole want?We started talking and I told him he looked
like he would be nice in person even though I doubted it.He
called me after a really really short time talking
online.On the phone I didnt know if I should keep my online
bizare attitude or my real self.I was a mix of both.He was
the same as he always is and was but he was surpriseingly
nice.He thought he was freagin god online but when youre
always online everyone says hi to you and when youre a
smart axs people flock to you.We planned to meet that
saturday.Dispite my self-made swear I thought 'Im so sick
of being so propper and committed to my bf.I havent done
this in 2 years but Im single now so Im gonna get myself a
babysitter and have a one night stand with this dude.Thats
it'.I knew it was wrong to do but I knew noone would find
out because I act like Im completely bonkers online and it
would ruin his reputation if he told them.
That saturday he picked me up an hour late.My neice was
having a birthday party so I was on the deck dancing with
Austin,waiting for my sister to come back.When he got there
my mom met him.I asked if I could come back at 8pm and it
was kewl with her.So Todd and I went out.All I wanted to do
was go straight to the hotel and get things going.We got
soda at 7-11 and went to the hotel.He was like"So what do
you wanna do?"knowing it made me feel weird.I couldnt say"I
wanna goto the hotel and screw"but I was thinking it.When
we got to the room I sat in the chair.I like those big
stiff chairs with the foot rests.He took off my shoes in
the chair and I had to tell him about the Socks-on deal.I
have to leave one thing on all the time and socks are the
most convinent.Plus feet are ugly,I hate feet.Anyways I
layed on the bed and he started rubbing my belly.I
absolutely love belly rubs.Then he kissed me.Our first kiss!
I know,its so gurlie to mention that but I am a girl.He
smelled my panties,which never sceses to give me a weird
facial expression.Sex with him was strange.We would be
really going at it,and we'd keep going holding a
conversation then back at it really wild again.He said it
was 7 hours straight.OK,Why do guys always time their
stanama?I think its funny."We didnt even need lube"he
says.Im thinking 'what kind of girls has he been macking?'
lol.We went out for food because he was hungry.I really
wasnt though.He wanted to take me to a resteraunt and I
dont like that.Im used to McDonalds and Burger King.So we
got KFC.I hate chicken and their fries are kind of yucky
but I didnt say anything.Like I said I wasnt hungry.We did
it again and I had him take me home.Dont repeat anything
about this but he shot a cumshot in my nose.I just covered
my face and laughed until he got a rag.When we were outside
my house the stuff started dripping down the back of my
thorat.It still isnt funny to me.