Rusty Cage

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2002-10-08 05:16:17 (UTC)


I met a girl. At first she actually wasn't that nice to
me....but interesting. Aw we got to know each other though,
I developed more and more of a crush on her. She is very
pretty and very smart. I didn't think she really liked me
at all, but one day all of the sudden, she started paying
more attention to me. She flirted one day I
said I was in a bad mood or something, and she said that I
should let her rub my back.....thats a signal right? She
also offered to cook me dinner once, and teach me to dance.
So I thought those were all good things, and I decided to
tell her how I feel about her. And I got an OK reaction I
guess. She invited me to go to LA with her in like three
weeks, and I accepted.... but we both agreed we should
spend some time together before that. So I offered to do
some things with her and she said she was to busy, and that
she would let me know when things opened up for her. I
guess my big problem is that was like three days ago, and
shes still busy. Does that seem right? Am I being way to
impatient with this? If I wanted to make time for someone
(special?) I could in three days! I could in one! So that
kinda worries me. I dont know what to think about it, I
guess I can only wait and see if she puts her money where
her mouth is.... so to speak. I kinda have a tendency to
fall for girls fast and hard so I'm trying not to let it
happen this time. I'll cross my fingers haha. Oh yeah,
another thing- her best friend also recently told her that
he was in love with her....that kind of diminishes my
chances doesn't it ? I think so.