all my shat
2001-01-23 13:56:14 (UTC)

Mornin... woke up and let the..

woke up and let the puppy out thismorning and tried to
register for some classes, but it is always such a freaking
process that I'd rather not go than do all the paperwork...

Otown is on the TV
and they annoy me to such an extent
but yet, when i was flipping through the channels and there
was a making the band marathon on, I didn't change the
channel.. as a matter of fact, i think i watched it for a
few hours. I don't really care about the true meaning of
life and all that stuff that doesn't really matter anyway,
but sometimes I wonder why I do things like watch shows
that have annoying people on for hours, when I could easily
just change the channel...

Ok, well, it's time to play with my killer Sadie...
no matter how non-maternal I claim to be, there's something
about a puppy with one ear up and one ear down whining for
me to play with her that just gets me...