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2002-10-08 03:48:17 (UTC)


I just realised, I am a people genious. And a cat genious.
Because i am both. I am a bi polar kitty human genious!!

Today is going rather slow. I need numbers to put into a
website to see how much money i have. So then i can spend
it. I need pepsi max, but only cans, not bottles. Cans are
more useful anyways and keep the fiz. And you can do more
things with cans, like make pepsi can hats. Cutting tin is
fun, and also after you finish drinking a can you can pull
the ring off and put it into the empty can, and it becomes
an instrument in which to make beautiful music with. Which
makes people happy. Cats dont like music, but they like
noise so they dont feel lonely.

At the moment i am wondering whether to get dressed, or
just do a semi nude walk to the letter box. Because the
mailwoman came, and maybe left me mail.

I am in a strange mood, very neutral. I dont particular
like it. I'm stuck in the middle. Trapped again.

I like police shows, police are sexy. Perhaps its an
authority thing. I watched white collar blue last night,
and law & order. See if i watch "who dun it" television
shows all the time, my mind will become ever more superior
into the workings of the human mind. I am very cluey i
think. What an egotistical entry! I will paste some
conversations of which i am partaking in...

i have the liptons infusions collection of tea Z.
they are weird and interesting.
im expanding my horizons of TEA ZEA!
ive gone from just relaxing tea (prolly what
knocked me out last night) to all kinds of tea :D
ur writting in ur journal BTW
* {Thomas} bets u are.
haha yes
i am!
your SMART T!

Thomas is very cluey too. He knows how humans work.
I should be a shrink.
Philosophy really is pointless because everyone can have
one. See thats my philosophy, that philosophy is stupid
because everyone can have one. Ideas thrown around, people
are too opinonated.
Thomas is making tea, petey pop is scratching out his
eyeballs waiting for books, and ben isnt telling me his

Enough already