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2002-10-08 03:34:33 (UTC)

Tonight was pretty cool

There was a fight at school today. There were actually
a couple that I heard of, but I only saw one. It happened
at Lunch. The chick that Christine has been tellin that I
have been talkin about her or whatever, the same chick
who's been wantin to jump me, got into a fight w/ some
other black chick. Neither of them could fight... it was
pretty dull.
Then a/s I went to Tara's and passed out on her
couch. Then I was awoken by the phone. It was Stephanie.
So we all went to the Fall Fest.
Fall Fest was interesting. I saw a lot of people I
wanted to see like Brad Satore and Josh Ramsey (even though
he was with Claire Ballard) and I saw a lot of people I
didn't want to see like Tim Rucker (my brother's friend
who's like 30 and kissed me) and Jake Tudela. I think
Jeremy was w/ Jake but I couldn't tell if it was him or
not. I saw SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people I wanted to see. It
was so damn cold though! I mean EXTREME THO (tittie hard
on) as soon as we got there! Brrrrrrr... I'm still cold!
There were a LOT of HOTT guys. VERY hott guys... I talked
to a few. I saw Jason Jackson but he was too good to stop
and say hi. He was just like "omg there's Rachel. look
dude, that's rachel" to his friends but he didn't actually
talk to me. I saw Tyler (Hardig) w/ who I assumed to be
his girlfriend. Poor girl... I feel bad for her. Now she
has to learn the hard way that Tyler is a fuckin prick.
Thank God I had Tyler's friends to warn me about him before
I really started to like him.
Brad Sartore is gonna be a stripper!!! I really should
ask him if I can get a private dance! I know he'd do it
too! He's so amazingly gorgeous! Ahhhhhh... daaaaaaamn...
ya just think of the boy and ya... never mind. lol I WANT
HIS SEXIE BODY!!! He's a little too old though... ooooh
Ky is actually being nice again. We talked all night
last night. Until about 1:30am... and I had to get up at
5:30 for school... He says over and over again that he
doesnt care that I'm a little younger than him. I'm really
unsure though. I mean, look at Dale. He said that and look
how close we are... (we aren't close. not at all not in the
slightest) He's back together with Jenny now. He's always
tellin me how much he loves her. And im truely happy for
him. I never thought I would be... but I am. Maybe I'm
really not but I'm so good at convincing him that I am, I
think I'm starting to believe it! I love the boy to death
and I only want him to be happy. lol... I can make him
happy physically!!! jp jp jp! We talked about that last
night... but I won't go into details. I have the feeling a
4-some is coming on soon... but shhhhh!
I miss my Tyler. (my 3 yr old nephew) I never thought
I'd say it, but I miss him so much. He's my everything. I
feel almost as if he's my child and I just want him to be
with me again. I wanna take care of him when he is sick,
and make his "hoc-gogs" (hotdogs), and give him milk, and
teach him about the world, and read stories w/ him nestled
in my lap, and tuck him in at night, and hear him say "I
love you w/ all my heart, even though you're a BIG FAT
FART!" over and over again, and hear him in his room
playing with his trains and watching Thomas for the 4,953
time in one day. I just miss my baby...
I don't talk to Brian much anymore. I should but he's
kinda... I dunno. Not talk-to-able. I still think he's cute
and all but I've found someone cuter!
Marcus is SO hott! I dunno why I am SO attracted to
him but I am. He has the most amazing eyes and smile! Blue
eyes, perfect smile, great body... what more can I ask for?
I'm really starting to be attracted to him!!! I think I'll
write him a note... maybe we can go to Fall Fest together
some time this week...? He's a junior and I met him when
ISTEP was goin on and he was switched to my Health class
for his WeightLifting class because his class wasmostly
sophmores (taking ISTEP) So... as soon as I saw him walk in
the room, I thought ~WOW, that guy is kinda cute. WOW...
really cute. OH WOW... sitting right by me!!!~ So I
engaged in some meaningless convo just to get his attention
and now when I see him I have to smile and say some kind of
cute little HI to get his attention. Hmm... possible Santa
Switch date maybe??? Maybe even a boyfriend... who knows!
I really like Champ and BJ too. No clue why, just
physical attraction.
I hate Nathan... he cheated on Kelli and slept w/
Summer. What a fuckin slut she must be. I dont know her
but if she's gonna sleep with NATHAN? That's just narstay!
Kel is way too good for Nathan!
I wish every night, on a star, that I can be with
Josh. That's all I really want... I've liked him for 3
years now and kept it a secret, until now. And now I can't
hide what I'm feeling. Every day I see him with Claire, it
hurts because I want to be her. I wanna be who he thinks of
before he falls asleep. I want to be the girl he dreams
about. He is what I think about, and dream about, and wish
about... what's wrong with me? What does she have that I
dont? Sure... she's pretty. But am I that ugly? Sure...
she's a little bit more athletic than I, but who's to say
I'm not still athletic? Ima get offline and think.
Until tomorrow...