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2001-08-01 05:03:02 (UTC)


I'm so lucky to have met James. OOOO, i just
realized i could call him Honey Combs......( if you know
him, you know what i mean). Anyways, he was in my english
class both last year, and the year before that. He's one of
the funniest guys ever, and he's so cute! He's smart,
interesting, " culturalized" ( good job of making up words
christine).... He has these gorgeous eyes.........ohmygosh.
Anways, i had a crush on him last year in english, and it
sucked cuz, i was positive that he didn't like me. He
didnt' seem interested, I could never get his attention. At
times, i was positive he found me annoying, stupid, ditzy,
etc etc.....( i was loud.....).
It's strange....we've always been kind of doing the
same, he was at the Roundhouse ( i
think....i'm pretty sure), um he knew blaize, in track, he
was in both english classes, he was in robotics...yet we
never really met.
This summer though, we became better friends, part
luck ( thank you lena), and part just wanting to get some
sun. I tried hinting at James for a while.....and i finally
gave up, just telling myself, that he wouldn't like me.
But, AHHH......the luck.

Well, i gots to go, study and talk some more

Love everybody,