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my submissive life
2001-08-01 04:59:06 (UTC)

Our First Encounter

You come to my apartment. You arrive late and will leave early in the morning giving us only a few precious hours; sleep will not be had tonight. As instructed, I am waiting for you in a kneeling position with my knees spread wide, hands behind my back and eyes down. I remain dressed as you will want to watch me strip. You take your time examining my apartment before greeting me, letting the tension build. You say I can ask to strip for you now. I beg you to remove each article of clothing until I stand before you nude and vulnerable. I return to my submissive position and wait for you. You ask if I purchased all the items you directed me to and, of course, I did not. You regret having to start the evening with a punishment.

Perhaps I have not been firm enough with my paddling in the past and you intend to teach me how a punishment is supposed to feel and thus the lesson is learned. I retrive my wooden hairbrush for you and bend over a chair, so nervous I forget to breathe. You start swatting me firm and as you feel me relax the strokes get harder and more frequent until you see tears running down my face. I have not uttered a sound. You stand me up and wipe them away telling me that self-discipline and following instructions are lessons that, if learned now, will help in my future. I know you are right. You smile and comment on the tan lines you are just now noticing. Your head shakes as you tell me I must find a way to sunbath nude and I agree.

You send me for my hanger as you have never seen what my breasts look like with the fierce clamps on them, the hanger pulling my nipples painfully down. I return with it and demonstrate how I place it on, flinching at the now familiar pain. You smile and ask me if I like wearing it. I do. You have me walk around while wearing it, crawl, even do jumping jacks while you gauge my limits and reactions. It is time to play now and lucky for me, you brought your own bag of toys, predicting that I would forget to buy mine. I watch in excited wonder as you remove each of the items. First, as I have never been able to do this myself, you decide to tie me up. Or down rather, to a chair. You tie me seated to a wooden chair, hands behind my back, thighs tied apart, feet slightly off the ground, and breasts bound tight. My ass is throbbing as my reddened bottom meets the chair. I slowly adjust to my bonds and you see me already spilling my juices onto the chair. You ask if I am ready to play and I nod eagerly.

You grab for your tools and decide on a long, bushy, feather. You smirk and comment that you had alway wondered if I was ticklish. Over the next few minutes you learn just how ticklish I am. You cease with the feather and see my candle collection decorating my apartment. You pick up a long silver candle and light it as I watch. You ask my permission to be gagged and I agree as I have learned to trust you completely. Never having been gagged before my jaw begins to ache immediately. You tell me how proud you are of me and slowly begin dripping wax onto my body. My breasts, my thighs, my stomach, and some drips onto my unprotected pussy. I squirm and squeal some but nod when you ask if you should continue. You say I have done well as you untie me and offer me a reward. I sand with my legs far apart and hands behind my head, gag still in place, as you kneel before me and begin teasing my clit with a vibrator. I moan and soon my body is moving back and forth eager for release.

I am gagged and cannot ask to cum but you read it in my eyes. You offer me a bargin saying that if I am allowed to cum for you, I must beg to have my nipples tormented afterwards. I don't even have to nod, my body begins to shake as a wave of pleasure rolls over me. You take the gag off me and kiss me hard and passionate. You are waiting. After a moment of hesitation I ask you to torment my nipples please SIR. You are happy to oblige. You take some icy-hot gel and apply it to my nipples followed by two real nipple clamps, not the hanger. You watch smiling as I begin to feel the gel do its magic. I place my hands behind my head as you pick up a riding crop. The tops, sides, and bottoms of my breasts are flogged repeatedly as I beg you for more, knowing that is what you wished. Finally you cease and remove the clips. I am shaking slightly and you offer me a sip of water. While our night is far from over, I wish to thank you for treating me so kindly. You let me lead you to the bed as I lie down before you, offering you my only true gift. You are gentle and wonderful as you graciously take my virginity. I know there will be more to come before morning and I smile as I feel you lying next to me holding me tight.