Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2002-10-08 03:11:28 (UTC)

Back in Buisness

Austin was born on November 8 2001.He's almost a year
old.When he was born he weighed 5lbs 6 oz,21".Now hes 11
m/o almost 2'tall and pretty close to 30lbs.Hes a fat
baby.In christmas 2001 we went to sears with austin and we
had to change him in the stroller between the isles.I was
worried about the changing tables.Austin peed all over the
christmas bulbs and all I could do was stand there
laughing.Then I wiped every bulb on the shelf,and the shelf
itself with babywipes while my mom finished putting on his
clothes.At 2 months he was sleeping all night and I finally
got the bottle washing and heating down packed.Our front
door flew open 2 times durring the night and that was why
austin's been in a crib since he was 2 months old.He
started rolling at about 3 months old both ways,which
turned into a wiggle.I just found out that all babies start
off doing that inch-worm crawl,lol.We bought the fisher
price infant to todler chair,the one that rocks.That was
our first recall expirence.Austin started setting up at
about 6 months,and we started tub baths.I set the baby tub
inside the big tub and let him play.By 7.5 months he was
trying to stand.By the time he turned 9 months old he was
climbing up on the couch.Now,well 10 months he is walking
around the room and we all agree that he's the drooling
image of the dancing babies on TV.He says duck and thinks
every animal says"goooockkkkk goooockkk".In the innerharbor
in baltimore austin and I went to port discovery.He didnt
have as much fun as I thought so I cant wait until hes
walking and can wabble all over the place.Theres a sub that
looks like a shark there in the harbor.He growled at it and
I totally missed taking the pic of him.You should see his
face when he squishes it on the back sliding glass door
window.Every morning we watch Noggin(cable tv)He loves
ducks,and dogs.Austin just cant resist watching cars
pass,he peeks out the livingroom window all the time to
watch them.Finally we have him waving by opening and
closeing his hand in the right direction and saying thank
you "tant oooh".Now if he'd only say it to others instead
of me.He says "mum mum mum"for mom,and "guck"for duck or
dog.If you count 1 "uh" 2 "eee" 3 "eee" like he's
trying.His favorite toy is this huge stuffed TY doggie
thats as big as him.He likes chocolate chip cookies,pop
ciccles,broccli,eggs and white grape juice.