I have become comfortably numb
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2002-10-08 02:06:42 (UTC)

Just another day

As my second entry to my diary, I have to say today was a
give and take day. The day started off great. I got to
see my baby Jeremy, the love of my life. He came over
today and he brought me ice cream(which I am eating right
now) because I was sick and he also brought me two pink
roses. It was so sweet. No one has ever given me flowers
before or even been as sweet to me as he is being. I got
to lay in his arms and everything felt so good and so
right. Well, then of course he had to leave. He had to go
to work. So my friends came back and we went out to eat,
and came back to my house to play pool where the day
started going downhill. I missed Jeremy so much, and on
top of that my little brother was being a spoiled brat and
I got the daily yell from my ex boyfriend. (Relationship
that was bad, ended badly, should be the end of it,
right?) Well, he called to inform me that yet again
everything was my fault and how I screwed him over not the
other way around. My ex boyfriend, is a big asshole who
can never admitt he is wrong. He has to have everything
his way. And it pisses me off so bad, b/c for the first
time in my life I am truly happy. I mean nothing is better
than being with Jeremy, just lookin into his eyes, or
lookin at him smile. It's like when I am with him,
everything is ok. I don't have to worry about anyone or
anything. And here comes my ex, screwin everything up for
me like he always has. I know that I shouldn't let him get
to me, but it pisses me off so bad, because he keeps makin
me out to be the bitch. All my life that is what I have
been. Everything that happened to me or around me has been
my fault. But with Jeremy, it's so different. He doesn't
accuse me of things, he loves me unconditionally,
everything is just better b/c I have him in my life. And I
know since I have him my ex shouldn't matter. So from now
on no matter how hard it is, I am just gonna ignore my ex
and just try to leave all the bullshit behind me. Cause as
long as I have Jeremy, it doesn't matter. Well, I guess
that's enough of my ranting and talkin for today. So till
next time. I'm gone.

Love Ya's

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