my life...
2001-08-01 04:32:40 (UTC)

hey again

so here I am again...well today I hung out with my Kayt and
then I drove to meet these guys with Amy.It was cool...kind
boring though...i mean we just drove around in circles
literally...anyways, I am getting up wee early tommorow
morning to go to the refc and then I am going to dover lake
with Amy and Mary...hope everything is fun and all...I am
happier now then I was...I like not being in a relationship
for once...I mean I go through these phases where I like
having a boyfriend and then I don't like it at all...I mean
I still like Mike :)--At this moment though I think I would
like to date a bunch of people ...And that way everything
will work out for the best...I like to get to know people
b4 I start dating them immediately u know?? I mean I know
what I would want from a relationship if the opportunity
arouse for me to be serious with one would be a
guy who would call me every few days and respect me for who
I am-- I dunno what I am getting at...for the moment and
only for the moment though I am content with myself :)