De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-08-01 04:26:15 (UTC)

Wassup for the past few days

Sunday 29/7/01

Post international evening...woke up extremely late cos
hadda late nite b4.... nuthin spectacular as
night... watched the radiohead concert special on TV2 with
some friends . Got to talk to Callum about the music of
radiohead and stuff we listened too...interesting...

Monday 30/7/01-Friday 3/8/01

When Monday comes, I know it's def a shack
day...sighz...project meetin 1st off in the morning..we
spent quite a bit of time brainstorming for ideas. Luckily our team
is small, so David, Luke and I are able to reach a common concensus
quickly.. We also met our client David Mason, from the Sch of Info
Comm.. who suggested that we change our project!!! wat audacity :
P. .but after carefully considering the alternatives...we
agreed...cos the buddy project is simply too big for the 3 of us to

The next few days are bascially projects-lessons-projects.... the 3
of us meet practicall's abit tiring....Maybe shed abit
of light on my team mates:

David Osborne: Natural team leader : P or shall i say , forced into
the position by the 2 of us, he became the unfortunate 3rd team
leader of this group...hopefully he dun follow the curse and quit on
us!! : P ..but this guy's good as he thinks carefully b4 he acts...
and is a very responsible person : ) he's realli the best person
among the 3 of us to be leader. David is 24, he has worked for 2
years b4 joinnin Vic...and he's plannin to work in Germany after
gradualtion this year..david realli likee house music,, like daft
punk, chemical brothers..etc....i find that the pple here generally
like this genre of music...realli quite differnt ...

Luke Kelly : The joker of the group and professed-designer : P He is
realli funny and is verie good with his vocal and writing .. most of
our interviews wit client is spearheaded by him and he's realli good
at brainstorming. He's 23 this year and have a diploma in graphic
design b4 joinin Vic.. Realli like LAN gamin and mountain
biking..till he broke his arms biking.... this guy also prowls the
club circuit in Wellington..must ask him to show me around more : P.
Highly allergic to flour : P

Me : The only Asian in the group, gotten used to it oradi.. luckily
thier Kiwi accent is not too communication is not so much
of a problem.... Realli learnin wit em at the same helps
that the 2 of em are realli friendly so i feel very much at ease doin
the project wit em...although our team met wit so much difficulties

Well, sch has been pretty hectic...findin less and less time to
update.... will pop back as much as i can