My life
2002-10-08 01:35:33 (UTC)

.·:*Life In General .·:*

Well today is Brant's Birthday, i got him this nice ass
chain and a card. I really Love him, noone quit understands
the feelings that i have for him. And really I don*t think
anyone will. Well lately things have been kinda boring.
Alex told marissa that me and her aren*t really friends
anymore because i hang out with Emily and em doesnt like
Alexz, whatever, im not choicing between them two and whoever asks me
to do that isnt a true friend........... Anyways,
the Dan thing has blown over, we don*t talk so i guess that
started a problem. Oh well i really dont care all that
much. I mean if he isn*t going to take the time to talk to
me then why should I talk to him? It Makes no sence! Well i
met this guy Brandon (Optimo House) he is cool and all but
I don*t want a Black boyfriend, and i told him that i don*t
want a boyfriend right now beacuse I*m getting over the
last heartbreak I had, even though me and Brant never
dated! But he just dosen*t seem to understand that and
keeps pushing me to do things with him. And it is really
pissing me off! So i stayed the night with Em last night
and her Rents were out of town, and i feel asleep and they
showed up and he woke me up. BIG MISTAKE! and like he kept
laying on me and shit, i mean its okay when Brant does it
or someone like that, someone i know and feel comfortable
around, but not HIm! I don*t know, But lately it seems liek
people are really starting to get on my nerves, the only
people that aren*t are, Rachel, Aimz, nick, and thats
really all. I mean when the phone rings, usually I don*t
pick up. Unless its Rach or Aimz, Nick never calls me. I
mean its gotten to the point with some people the face that
make or what they wear makes me wanna scream!!!!! But
thats only certain people! my mom had surgery on thrusday
to get these pin things out of her foot from the last time
she had surgery, so she is going to be off for 7 days WITH
pay!! So thats good! omg remember sydney killpatrick? Well
supposly she fucked brant, but he says that it never
happened, i don*t know if it did or didn*t but if he did
then shes a hoe, because they did it in the woods!!
sooooooo u's a hoe hoooooooooooe!!!! well i gotta go, later