Hellz Yeah
2001-08-01 03:54:33 (UTC)


I'm getting another piercing tonight, I just don't know what
the hell I'm getting done yet. I need to mutilate my body
some more because I'm going wacky. I don't know where the
hell Ben is. I didn't even realize that I hadn't seen him
until Simmy pointed it out...he was like, you've been
uptight since Monday what the fuck is wrong with you, is it
your exclamation point time? I was like, fuckin, what are
you talking about, even though I knew what he was talking
about. Simmy is so damn special...he makes up names for
everything. I just curtly told him that I hadn't seen Ben in
a while. The look Simmy gave me was none too encouraging,
but whatever. He was in Jersey the other day so he may still
be there. Ever since that night a couple of nights ago he's
been a little off, hella distant and not himself. Time for a
little talk, but not before my piercing. I have to go visit
dad tomorrow, I haven't checked in in a while. I know I'm
supposedly an adult now, but I still feel like his little kid
sometimes. My theory is, I'm not an adult until I graduate so
still have a year to be irresponsible. :)
Mom is on vacation somewhere out west...she's such a
goofball but that's another story.