Oh,The Insanity
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2002-10-08 00:42:25 (UTC)

some fun stuff I did

today, I bought shoes...i hate buying shoes. so, i asked
the saleslady for HELP. Yes people, I, Emily, asked
voluntarily, for help...I think this is a huge step.
Usually I just bitch about how it sucks and assume someone
will help...but now, I have aquired the ability to
say "hey, I'm lost on this subject, could u give me a
hand"...people, be proud.
I also bought fun socks. They're white with little red
cherries on them...so cute.
I had dinner with Bob and his family tonite. His mother
and his kids were there...highly uncomfortable situation
for me, as I don't know them...but his mom is way cool and
his kids just pretended I didn't exist ah well, their loss.
Mom is still there, bob's going back to florida for a week
or so, and his mom will be back for good in November...a
new gramma.