Renis da Menis
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2002-10-08 00:38:07 (UTC)


Yeah so Homecoming was Saturday October the 5, which passed
already. Everybody had a good time, some had different
opinions. The place we went out to eat out at was really
nice but umm all that everybody got were pizza so that was
dumb, we could have gone to like somebodys house and order
pizza but hey i guess ppl wanted to be fancy..Mc was driving
all crazy on our way to the place Bendettos, Beth was
freaking out. It was quite funny because Beth was like
panicing and yelling "which lane are you staying in!?" haha.

Then later at the dance it was ok i guess. Me, Mc , Nw and
Karina all got a buddy picture, hopefully that turns out
really cute. Everyone was getting their freak on with was cute to see the Athen boys get their
grindin on with our Mott girls. The greatest thing was when
Mc did her lil' sexual dance on the floor, best MOMENT this
year. I wouldnt say this homecoming was the BEST but it was
good. Of course every dance has its drama and this
Homecoming did have its drama like every 10 minutes.

People got a lil' CLOSER than others have thought haha, well
i'll just keep my mouth shut. After the dance i was invited
to go to a night club, i really wanted to go but i knew my
parents would have had a fit w/ me coming home around
1:30ish so i told my good friend "no". Hopefully next time
though. Around 11:30ish everyone in our group headed up to
711 and some got slurpees. Unfortunately the cops told us to
go home..poo on them.Yeah so thats all that really happened
on Homecoming.


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