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2002-10-08 00:28:27 (UTC)

a mondays end

Wow, today went so fast, but it was a really good day,
better than I have been having with everything each day,
hopefully that continues the rest of the night. I heard so
much about Bob's trip to New York, oh my word does it sound
exciting! I was already excited when he was talking about
it last week, and then hearing what all he got to do, so
unfair! He said the broadway musical was so awesome, and he
can't wait to do it again, then he showed me a map of where
they went, and then, how much there is on such a small area
on the map. Yeeesh! You would have to have a week or more
up there to see almost everything. Anyways, while I could
be getting sour, I just stayed excited, while hearing about
it all. I so imbaressed myself today a couple times. I was
going behind bob, to get something and there was big bubble
wrap on the floor a little, and turning around to go back,
I accidently steped on it, and it scared me, and then my
other foot went down, and I stepped on more of it, so you
can only imagine. Later on I filled a box with peanuts
(cute name for the foamy things huh?) and then while
putting the box inside that box, there wasn't too much room
at the ends, but along the other two side there was about 2
inches, so it droped in, and caused the peanuts to fly out
in my face, and wouldn't you know who walked back there
right in time to see flying peanuts, my boss, he got a
little laugh out of it. Grrrrr that. Then this really cute
old couple came in, it was so funny, they were being so
cute with each other, the way there were acting, wasn't
like this was one of there really good moods time, it just
seemed like a normal mood for them, awwwwwwwwww. Did I
mention that today went really fast? We were pretty busy,
not major time, but enough to get us doing something.
Tomorrow, I"ll get to check out his pictures of New York,
yeah!Hummm, I"m leaving tomorrow around 4:30, however I'm
going to try and see if I can get online to write in here,
not sure about it yet though, we'll see. Well, I have
packing to do, and cleaning too. Take care, sweet dreams

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