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2002-10-08 00:26:23 (UTC)

Long time no talk

Well its Monday,,, and im sorry i havent wrote in a
while.. but let me give you the 411 on the weekend...

Malyssa and I went to North to hang out with Max. We
watched monsters inc! and cky2k... What a sat. night..
best part is, it was probobly one of the best Malyssa and
I have had since we have been here.. NO joke!.!.!

Malyssa and I went to get job applications around campus!
and then went to Max's and watched Tv and did basically
nothing.. Malyssa almost cause a ten car pile up,, well i
guess that was my fault.. whopps.. iwanted to take the

Well today i missed my first class on accident.. then i
went to my work at Wilbur Cross. I start tomarrow!! woo
hoo money! also tomarrow we are handing in all our other
applications so hopefully we will have alot of money....
which would be so fuckin nice let me tell you!!!! SO
tonight is the last episode of Road Rules.. so Malyssa and
I are going to Max's to have a Road Rules party,, cause
road rules is amazingly awesome....

*Ohh i almost got attacked today.. these creepy guys were
trying to get into our dorm because they thought it was
all girls dorm... they were wicked sketchy.. but we got
the hall director to call the cops on them. haha wicked.