my simple small world
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2002-10-08 00:03:00 (UTC)


she turns and says are you alright....I said I must be find
because my hearts still beating..
I love the white stripes.....
Anyways, I'm seriously dying on the inside though.I think
I'm part anemic....I don't know...every day it seems as if
I die alittle more...
Actually, I'm not like suicidle, but death would be a nice
change of pace for me...
ur going to be the death of me, and you know who you are,
but I think it's because I can't kill this emotion with out
leaving my own mind or killing myself...
I'm just waiting for that moment..
when reality sets in, and I realize how alone I really am.
but if you'd give me that chance, this is the last time
I'll say it....
I will go slow with you....take everything one step at a
time even if it's 2 steps forward and 1 step back.
(fyi-he doesn't read this, that's why I'm not afraid to say
GOD I'd do anything...
***************************but I'm just waiting for you to
give the word, where I will part from your life and torture
I feel sick...maybe amanda isn't the one who got possesed
and I am...that's how backwards I feel....
I don't seriuosly think that but still...
I feel like something has overtaken me....I've compared it
to asphixiation of the senses but that's not it...
but yeah...I'm gonna go....
stare at a wall....maybe dread my hair...and god knows I
might actually do my laundry (I'm running out of cloths..)

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