Scriblings Of A Crazy Person
2002-10-07 23:37:00 (UTC)

To plagarize a walrus.

ARG!!! This is insane, I am so tired. Right after I got home
from school I went right to bed and slept until dinner. Why
can't school be later in the day so I don't have to GET UP
good, just a li'l tired. So anyway, how are you doing? Oh
wait, this is only a diary, DAMNI! Okay, okay I'll calm
down, yawn. Oh, before I pass out do to lack of sleep, I'd
like to give a BIG thank you to Ecochicki who sent me an
e-mail about the whole Earthworm Jim thing, thanks, I
probably will check e-bay, I haven't really thought to try
that yet. And The Tick was also a great show (the cartoon,
not the crappy live action show, well at least in my
opinion) I also liked alot of other weird shows like that
such as Freakazoid and such. Oh well, I guess all good
things must come to an end. I still wish I could find
episodes of those old shows now that they no longer play
them on tv, or at least not as far as I know. Another
classic show that I really liked was Rocko's Modern Life,
which my dad's friend Greg says he'll try to tape for me,
which is cool. Oh well, enough remenising (I spelled that
wrong didn't I? Oh well, you'll live, or will you? MWAH HAH
HAH HAH HAH HAH! *cough*). So whatever. Anyway, what's with
all the crappy shows on tv. I know funny and these shows
ain't it! As I've said, the only thing worse than reality is
reality tv. I meen, whatever happened to good old fashioned
escapism? Oh well, again, I hope I don't get too many mail
bombs for saying this (fox tv, I'm looking at you), it's
just my opinion, relax! Oh well, I think I need a life so
that I don't have to spend my time insulting everything I
can think of for any to read on the net. Nah, life's over
rated anyway I'd rather enter my own li'l fantasy world
where I don't have to deal with my problems. I guess I'm
liked, but not well liked. Well, either I'm liked or people
are afraid to say anything bad about me less I flip out and
kill everyone (HAH HAH HAH, THE CRETINS SHALL PAY!!!). Oh
well, I guess that's the price we freaks pay for being
diferent. And I am VERY diferent. Sigh, oh well, I guess
that's all I have to rant about for today, I hope my diary
hasn't been TOO loathely. Well as always if anyone has
anything to contribute or whatever e-mail me at
[email protected] Seeya round peoples.

Sleepy in Douglas,

PS: If I was a hobo I could live on a train. Y'know?