2001-08-01 03:16:47 (UTC)

Thinking outside of the box

A mineshaft in the earth will last decades maintaining a
consistent temperature of fifty degrees all year round.
The druids built Stonehenge and it still stands today. The
Egyptians built the pyramids of Giza thousands of years ago
and till this day still remain standing despite the harsh
conditions of the Egyptian desert. The Greeks and Romans
built great structures that still stand.

Yet we still continue to fashion homes out of wood to last
less than a lifetime. Air-cooling and heating machines
must be installed to make these houses livable. The
ancient Egyptians could light an entire structure during
the day using a window the size of a paperback novel using
reflective metal mirrors. Yet we require the use of light
bulbs indoors during the day to see. Why does this society
we live in refuse to think outside the box?