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2002-10-07 23:30:52 (UTC)

From Augsut 18th

2002-08-18 06:18:49 (GMT)

Angel Tay (Taylor earns a Pet Name)

Yes, it's true. I've been dubbed yet again. This time by my
wicky max P.W. buddy Jakey Wakey. ( and yes I think I just
made up wicky max....please do not borrow without
returning ). I love pet names. So fun :) So I raced today.
Yea, ever since I found out that Timmy doesnt like me
racing, I havent been doing good. I guess I dont try too
hard anymore.Im more worried about how mad he's going to
be. I lost 2nd and 1st round in both classes. It would have
been a good week to win too, the leader in points wasnt
there and the girl that just passed me up I beat first
round. Ugh....I dont know what to do about this either. I
dont want to race next year. But Dad just wants me to soo
bad, I dont know what to do. I didnt even really care when
I lost today. I just wanted to be with Timmy @ his
scrimmage. One of his teammates told me he got griped at
tho. I feel bad for not being there. He didnt get me a
touchdown pass either. :( . After I lost I went and talked
to Jessica in the ET window forever. I posted up in the
room with her handing out slips and trophies. It seems some
of my guy friends dont like my taste in trophy picking!
What.....rainbows and green stars arent good enough? LOL!!
you shoulda seen the look on their faces. "Im sad, I got
the ugly trophy". Well, Ryan T. was just like " okie gimme
my damn PRETTY trophy. LOL . Im really excited about high
school. Jessica said everyone would love me. I sure hope
she's right ya know? Still, there are so many people there.
Im like ....scared that I will be alone at the lunch table
or worse yet, no room for me to sit. THAT WOULD SUCK. I'd
be so nervous. I hpe Jessica gets my lunch. PLEASE PLEASE
PLEASE! She is so cool I really like her. After she left, I
went and hung with Kimi, Ryan, and Cameron. We hung out all
day mobbin around on the golf cart, jammin with the radio.
I think we played out everyone's cds. :) Im so sick of
hearing some of the songs. But it's so much fun. We never
even stopped to give the cart a break. All day from 2-10:30
we just mobbed and mobbed. It was just like denver (okie,
maybe 30 degrees hotter!!!) and I just wished Timmy woulda
been there. I really really did. Well, Im outtie for now.
Im so tired. Tomorrow I go school clothes shopping.
YAY!!!!! finalllyyyyy!! wish me luck bearing those crowds.
LOL. Til then..outtie ppl!