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2002-10-07 23:29:26 (UTC)

From August 17th

2002-08-17 06:12:36 (GMT)


Hello all, just got back in from the usual Friday night
agenda. Yooouuuuu guessed it, racing. It was Texas True Ten
5 night, and lemme tell ya, Friday night isnt anything but
idiots and drunk people. It's kinda fun tho. So I was
chillin with my normaly Friday night posse (the Kennedale
cops!!) and Jamie the young stupid one brought out a
friend. So we were all night, going back and forth on cars,
and I'd like to say this on the record...DAYUM IM GOOD! I
didnt miss but one measly pair the whole night! And that's
about 250 races. Ye-a ::haahhhh haahh ( me shining my
nails ). I think I impress those old farts! Im sad tho, my
Sean isnt gonna be there anymore! all the other cops call
him my boyfriend. He's the short little mexican. Im like
noooooo he's not, but they tease me cus Timmy is mexican
and he is mexican. oh well. I called Timmy from the track
all super secret agent-like. Tay is trying not to get SUPER
BUSTED for using long distance on track phones! :)Doing an
okie job so far, but sometime..they're gonna figure it out.
Until then...:) Im sad cus I never even get to talk to
Timmy anymore. I mean, he's so busy with everything
(football) he doesnt have time to talk or anything. Its
depressing. But I know he wants to do it and I want what he
wants so he can do whatever he wants. I'll have him for the
rest of his life anyway. Im just seriously missing the
Timmy Tay time we used to have. And Iyono if I like having
him living with my mom. Feel like I gotta talk to her for
20 minutes before I ask for him or she gets all pissy with
me. But sometimes I just wanna talk to my baby! She doesnt
have any confidence in me playing soccer, so I guess I'll
prove her wrong like always. Seems I gotta do that all the
time. Oh well. Im talking to this really cool chick that
just started talking to me late last night. She's about the
same speed typer as me! :) I likes. She's real cool! You
should talk to her! LOL. Dad almost quit tonight. I swaarrr
the people at the track dono what they're doing. He gets so
mad at all the screwey stuff they do. I feel kinda bad for
letting Timmy go kind of upset tonight.Im just soooo tired
of not being able to see him. Football and racing REALLY
have an affect on us. I wish I could tell my Dad I didnt
want to race anymore. I mean it's cool winning and being
able to say "Im a dragracer", but sometimes I wish I could
do WHAT I WANT TO DO on a Saturday. Ya dig?! LOL....I yono
why I said "dig" ..Im just thinking ponyboy from the
greasers...from..what book was that? Sodapop and all them?
You remember..uhh...the book..THE OUTSIDERS!! THATS IT!
LOL..well now..Im gonna leave on that note! Im outtie! See