Teenage Politics
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2002-10-07 23:28:10 (UTC)

From August 16th

2002-08-16 05:43:10 (GMT)


Lesson of the day : if you drop a water-hosey thing with a
spray nozzle handle-side down, you will inevitably have a
watery fountain of destruction. While washing my Dad's
dragster today,I came across a nest of wasps that had made
themselves cozy near his front wheels. (Yes, it's been that
long since he's raced it, after breaking a crank and
proceeding to run over it's detached parts.) Well, these
wasps seemed to be about as happy to see me and my water
hose as I was to see them. The first few minutes are as
follows : I take 3 steps back, and attack with a squirt of
water. They drift in a stunned state entirely too close to
my personal space. I, then, spray again, this time hitting
a few. I retreat...running and squealing like a little
girl. One buzzes my ear and EEEP, I drop the hose and Im
running like a wild woman out to the front yard, all the
while, the hose is spraying water freely into the interior
of my Dad's car and into the alcohol jug laying open
nearby. After I realize what is happening I run back to the
scene, and I quickly tackle the hose and turn it off. But
then I notice the interior is dripping with water, and I
turn white. ::peeeep around::...nobody saw that. PHEW. I
run inside and grab a hairdryer and a towel, and
frantically dry the seat before he returns. All is well
right? Wrong. I then stumble over the alcohol jug and
realize it was right in the line of watery fire. ::Sniff::
smells alright....::shake shake:: I mix the evidence and
maybe the water in the alcohol is what slowed us down a
couple hundredths? Possssssibly. Nah. Anyway, so there's my
lesson for the day. Do you even remember what it was?
That's okie, me either. Anyhoo, onto the norm of things.
Tonight we went to the home away from home and tested our
cars.Jessica was out there with her other friend Jessica (I
know..kinda strange huh..lol)and we chilled as much as I
could. I felt like a celebrity.Thursday night is high
school night where they bring out mustangs and corvettes
running mid to high 9's. So many people were stopping and
staring. I guess a dragster is an unfamiliar sight to the
common ppl. I was video-taped and people were taking
pictures all over. ahh....but dont worry, it didnt go to my
head :) TEE HEE. Shoot, Im just playing, I thought it was
nifty to stir up so much commotion. WERD-uhh. Timmy's been
practicing so late lately, Ive been trying to get out of
the house, so it served it's purpose well. I really like
the idea of having this star player for a boyfriend, but
the practices sure do interfere with TIMMY/TAY TIME! I
NEVER SEE MY BABY ANYMORE. Ima hafta make it to his games
tho...to support my boy-ee. I am proud of him. Really.So
school starts on Monday. Tomorrow is my last day of summer.
I really wanna spend my time with my Timmy, but like it
always happens, dragracing must rule my life. Im about
tired of it too. Cant I just take a weekend off? Oh
well.....everyone has such high expectations. Ick. I dont
really care anymore. Got my school supplies all ready to
go. I hope I can use them all. My folders are covered in
Timmy of course. Somehow he managed to convince me to try
out for soccer, even though I have handled the ball maybe
twice in my entire lifetime. OH WELL RIGHT?! I can sure get
out there and make a fool of myself. I do that a lot right?
So....until then, I will have my nose in "Soccer for
Dummies"...please do not disturb me, it seems I have a lot
to learn. What's a right guard? Isnt that deodorant?
Ah....who knows. How hard can it be. Kick the ball, into
the netty-thingy. Right?!Im purt-y excited about starting
off a new year in a new school. It's HUGE!!! Oh My ..GOD!
the Gym is like, NBA size with stadium seating and
stuffage. And there are like 150 classrooms I bet. I've got
Journalism, World History,English2, Soccer,
Geometry,Th.Arts2, and French...and somewhere we're gonna
throw in biology. Iyono, that's the counselor's jobbage. I
do what they say. It's funny, I had to map out which was I
was going to go to my classes on a print out map of the
school. Im trying to memorize it. It's THAT big! I wish
Timmy could have seen it with me. And Yay....I know 2 whole
people out of the whole school. But they said most of the
ppl in my grade were skaters and preps. YAY! My kinda ppl!
I just cant wait. This is going to be so, interesting?!
anyhoo, Im about typed out today. More events tomorrow
okie? Oh OH Oh.....remind me to get a new phone card,
anyone who reads this..will ya? (no NOT you JakeyWakey....I
mean anyone who reads it tomorry)