Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-01-23 08:51:35 (UTC)

Hey! Not alot happened..


Not alot happened yesterday. I rang Dan last night. As he
was chating 2 me about some football fight or something, I
realised how boring he can be. But never mind, he is
entertaining to chat to most of the time. dad had ago coz I
was on the fone to him for 40 minutes when I said I'd be
15. He's worried about the fone bill coz he lives in
Newcastle and I live in Bristol. That was the second time
my dad had talked to me all night and he had a go. I bet
that'll be the reason who uses for not letting me go to the
valentines ball....
My mum had a go this morning too, coz I didn't get out of
bed til 7:15am and then didn't get out til the car til
after 8, but then it was my sisters fault for spending ages
in the bathroom so I couldn't get in. Damn her!!
I'm fed up with my family. I really love working weekends
even if it is tiering coz that means I don't have to spend
all day with them!!
I can't wait til 2moz, Orchestra starts! Sounds dumb but I
haven't played my sax in AGES!! It needs practice! And I
can start singing again! Maybe I'm on my way to stardom...