No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-10-07 23:13:52 (UTC)

random junk

My day was good. I was all happy and hyper but everyone
else was sad. It sucked. I felt bad for being so cheery
when everyone else was down. I think it was National Break-
Up Day. Everyone broke up today. It was crazy! I was like
woah, so many people to little time. It's not
cool. My one friend was talking about killing himself...I
hope he doesn't. I really feel bad for him because he loved
his gf but I mean come on. That and he has threatened to
kil himself before and not done it, but I still worry about


I hug to everyone who broke up today. I love you all :D
Hmm...anything else really happen today? I don't think so.
Well, stuff happened, but not that I'm gunna put in here.
These are some horoscopes that are coincidental today:

Daily Horoscope:
When you think the answer might hurt you, you're nervous
about asking the question. Some people never get past this
hurdle. For you, though, not knowing is worse. Get it over
with. It's probably better than you think.

Weekly Horoscope:
Don't be afraid to take more than a teensy-weensy baby step
early this week -- sometimes, the right ticket is a giant,
flying leap into the unknown. When that certain someone is
waiting on the other side, what is there to be scared of?
The middle of the week is all about making this
relationship work, and you two seem to be reading from the
same manual -- everything is going just as you planned. A
wrong turn somewhere along the road has your sweet pea
acting like a dictator this weekend; stage an immediate
coup and get back onto an even playing field.
I heard the song Wonderful by EverClear in the car today
and I wanted to kill it. It's like the song for my parents
splitting up. But the only thing is I don't want my life
the way it use to be at all, I like it better this way. I
know that sounds horrible, but it's best and I get more
freedom and dont deal with constant fighting. Yeah and
stuff, I'm gunna shut up now. later.