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2002-10-07 22:48:57 (UTC)

KICK ass.

I knew i shoulda made this entry last night, while
everything was still fresh in my head.. but...i was
tooo sleepy when i got home. Now, since I do (not)
have such a great memory... things are sorta fuzzy.
Oh well.

Well, i was at my Yellowcard show, last night. I think
i remember the Majority of things, so, i'll try to
explain as much as i can.
But, Yes. It Kicked huge ASS.

The Eyeliners played first. They're mediocre- a band
of three rock-ish chicks. GOB played next. I've
never really heard them before, besides hearing Of them,
through OJ. But i can't believe how awesome they were.
Yes, they Rocked. Yellowcard played next..
'N as usual, they were damn Rad. Ryan's a really great Lead.
He mentioned they had extra time or something, so Ryan
(Yellowcard) was able to play an extra song. Yay.
Finally, the headliners- No Use For A Name, played.

Oh, this was soo sweet...: After their set, Ryan came
back on stage, sayen he'd forgotten to mention
something, since we "distracted the fuck outta him" while
he was playen. He announced a chick's name (i don't
remember who) 'n he said a buddy of his wanted to ask
her out to Winter Formal! Awww. Isn't he's sweetest?
...Whoever he is.

During nearly the whole show, (except when the Eyeliners
played,) EVERYone was crowd surfing 'n moshing,
throughout the Whole Show. There were always TWO pits
going on,.. or one HUGE one. It was freaken trippy.
At one point, I accidently stood where a pit suddenly
started. Some doode pushed me all the way to the other end.
After that, i moved (away) from the pit. There were some
pretty tuff guys moshing, that were to ruff for comfort.
I Still have a big bruise on my leg, from some dork who
kicked me so hard, at the last show.

Oh, 'n yes, I crowd surfed, (of course) 'N I believe i
went up 4 or 5 times.
During one of Yellowcard's songs, it was awesome. Somehow
the crowd turned me around, 'n the whole time, i was FACING
the stage. Facing Yellowcard! It was a pretty slow song,
'N the whole time, Ryan was looking straite at me, while
he was singing!
Okay, ok. Maybe I Was the Only one who surfed, during
that song, so i was the only one for him to look at.
But still. That was pretty fucken Rad, if you ask me.

'N... that's basically it.
Oh ya, i bought a couple things, 'N after the show,
I asked the Lead of GOB to sign my ticket stub, 'n i took a
picture with him. He put both of his arms around my neck,
for the pose. Aww. I hope it comes out halfway decently.