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2002-10-07 22:38:53 (UTC)

Relieved :/

Well I just got home a lil while ago. I haven't been to
school for a couple of days. On Tuesday night I got really
sick it was becoming very hard for me to swallow my own
spit and it was starting to get hard to breath. So on
Wednesday really early in the damn morning I had to go to
the "Emergency Room" for " Urgent Care" they shouldn't call
it that if that's not what they provide. Well according to
the "doctor" I was fine it was just Reactive something
something itis. I really didn't care all I care about are
pain killers I could care less what the hell I have. N-e
wayz on Saturday my baby took me to school and then picked
me up. Then it was Memo, Jose, my baby, and me. We went to
go visit Fabi at her job and then we went to Orbits house
but he wasnt home and then we went to go look for him
somewhere else but he wasn't there either so we where
driving around. Next thing I knew we passed a familiar
house and I saw a familiar car outside. Memoriez. :x. Well
then I decided that I wanted to watch Eight Legged Freaks
at that one theater that shows old movies. That movie was
so funny especially with all them people dying. LOL. I only
laugh cuz it's fake. Then Freddy dropped me off at my
friends house and she wanted me to go with her to a "gig"
so I was like yeah so then we got ready and left.
Those "gig" things are pretty ummmmmm weird. Then next
thing we knew there where gangsters surrounding our "gig"
area and they wanted to fight so then yeah the pigs came
and raided the shit. So then we went back to her house and
my friends friend dropped her off and I got my stuff and he
dropped me off at home. Then on Sunday I was suppose to go
to church but I watched it kinda on T.V. instead because
my "dad" was suppose to call but he didnt. Well today was
the second trial date. We where there all extra early and
they called our case at 11. I got to see my "dad". :x. When
he walked in to the court room he looked at me. He didnt
look very happy and he just shook his head at me like
saying "no". And he madd dogged me a couple of times too.
To my "moms" and "dads" request they modified the
restraining order. Now my dad is allowed to see us and pick
us up on weekends and that type of shit. But that is only
if we want. I don't. After all those times everybody faught
with me to go see him after all he said to me from jail im
glad I didn't listen. He didn't want to see me. He doesnt
want to see me. I could care less. Im happy the way I am
and the my life isn't going to end because hes not in it.
My life is much better now that I dont have all that drama
in it. He should be getting out any day now. Wait till he
sees my tounge ring. I just want peace now I stay out of
his way and he stays out of mine. Thats the way I want it.
For once can people look at what I want? Can they listen to
me and ask why I do things before they judge? Oh yeah and
to those people that where or are talking shit about me...
I can care less because my life isn't going to end because
your talking shit. Actually it makes me feel much better
because your making me the center of your attention. And I
shouldn't complain about that. Another thing I have better
things to focus on than who calls me a back stabber because
after I graduate all that isnt going to matter its going to
matter what my grades are and what I am going to become in
life. My future salary and situation is not going to be
based on how many friends or how many enemies I have. Just
thought id let you know. And ten years from now while your
still talking shit about people instead of doing something
with your life youll also be pumping my gas or on welfare.
Good luck. Darn im such a back stabber arent I?