my deranged lyfe
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2002-10-07 22:01:40 (UTC)

lifes just a bowl of cherries...aint it?

hey. god this morning was horrible.i didnt get any sleep
last nite. wondering if chad will call is driving me
crazy.then wen i finally did fall asleep my dad woke up so i
just gave up and took a shower. he makes sooo much noise.
anyway...i got outta the shower and my friggin contact lens
ripped and got stuck in my took me 20 minutes ta get
out and my whole eye was bloodshot. it almost looked like i
actually was on crack(for those who dont know i was
previously called a crack addict b/c of the clothes i wear).
then i had ta run out the door w/o bfast and wait at school
for 20 minutes for ppl i know to show up(i had to leave
early) after that the day was alrite. last period i had pe.
god. i had to run a fucken mile. i am sick. i didnt eat
bfast or lunch and my friends were begging me to walk with
them. thats how i explain the horrible 11.05 i got. now im
hoping the day will get better...even tho i can only see
outta one eye. alrite time for