my simple small world
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2002-10-07 21:22:55 (UTC)

so much drama

I'm sick of all the drama....seriously.
Why do I have to be part of it all?Living is hard enough
without having to treat everyday as if every relationship
and every scenario needs to be carried out till all
emotions are shown....
I'm gonna get hurt....real bad, I can already feel it
starting to happen though it hasn't begun....
I am going to..but not because he's mean, but because I'm
putting myself through even trying...
but I'd rather try and fail then live without knowing..
I wonder what it would take for me to not care at this
point, drugs.....someone holding my hand telling it'll be
I don't want that, I just want to experience, I just want
to know.
Maybe try to furthermore understand humanity..
She likes him, he likes him, and I like him..
let's see....blond and beautiful...
gay but unique...
and skinny pale anemic chick...
I'll take the vegas odds....
I keep laughing at myself....since I'm dumb enough to even
try.....I compare it to someone running for class president
against the most popular person in school..
Or being a one person army against something as big as the
oppression of capitalism....
You know your going to lose, though you don't want to, but
you can't do nothing about it since that would be the easy
way out.
It's almost to the point where I'm looking forward to being
crushed, so I can move on with my life...
He's not mean or anything, not at all actually...
But he's not the type of person that likes to hurt, so this
may take awhile....

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