All In A Day's Work
2001-08-01 02:16:20 (UTC)


I woke up this morning and the sky was cloudy. I
immediatly thought that I was gonna have a horrible day and
that work was gonna suck. Well, you know, as soon as I got
into my car and started driving, the sun started to shine
and I was in a good mood. Until I saw an accident. Had I
left my house just 10 minutes earlier, I may have been part
of that accident. It startled me and I thought all the way
to work....the whole frekaing hour.....about my life. I
may not be the most popular, the prettiest, the smartest,
the best....but I do know that I am me. And being me is
what I am happiest with being. I don't put up a facade, I
don't smile because I am upset. I smile because I am
happy. No, I am not happy all the time, hardly. I get
upset and angry. I cry and I pout. Isn't that healthy.
Last I knew, it wasn't good to keep all your emotions
bottled up. And, you should let your friends know how you
are feeling. That is the only way you are gonna get
through anything. Most importantly, you must listen to the
advice they give you. Don't brush it off. Don't think
they don't know what they are talking about, because they
do. No matter what you have been through, they have gone
through a similar situation. All they want to do is help.
But when you turn their help into an intrusion, then why
should they even bother. Feeling sorry for yourself will
get you no where. I learned that. I got over it, and I
find the world is a much happier place when looked at
through rose colored glasses. Dry your eyes, wipe the
false smile from your face and figure out whatt he hell is
wrong with you. If you can't do it, find someone who can
help. People go to college for a long time for that, they
are call psychologists and doctors. But for a cheaper
price, go find your friends. Cry with them. Talk to
them. I'll put money on it that they can help you with
what you are feeling. I am leaving you here now....do with
this what you will....Sweet dreams dear reader.