2002-10-07 20:43:29 (UTC)

maggie i couldnt have tried anymooorreeee

hm three classes this morning and waffle house and now
i am exhausted.
its a constant i think lol.

stupid fights piss me off. but ones of sustance fuck with
me even more i believe.
and i really dont have anything else to say about that
right now.
except for you know.
theres really nothing else i can do, and it just doesnt
seem like enough. so yeah. ill leave it at that for now.
and a gr and a rah towards that 15 mins of my day.

i didnt study like i was supposed to with jessie.
i got talking and when i get started with that girl it
just doesnt stop. so. yeah. oh well. lots of cramming
still to come.

i am hungry but im so sleepy i think im just going to take
a nap.

nails are weird.

my dad is talking to me right now and thats weird. hes
been doing it a lot more than in recent years the past few
weeks. i dont get it. what is he up to...hm.

you know what.
im going to make a fucking sign that says "WOMEN AND MEN
WORKING" that shit pisses me off. call me petty i dont
care. it really does. and it just seems so utterly sexist
dude. i mean. so hardcore just disrespectful. does anyone
else see a problem with this? or am i crazy. i mean would
it be cool if a sign said "WHITE PEOPLE WORKING" when
there are obviously people of colour there as well? i dont
think so. why is this considered acceptable? fuck that.
maybe ill get in trouble i dont care my signs will be up
later this afternoon. but now its time for a much needed