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2002-10-07 20:37:10 (UTC)

Day One

Ok. so now this is my homework. I am to write a stream of
consesnece 2 imes a week for 3 pages. So basically Im just gonna
write alot when I can. Crap and I cant spell very well either.
How on earth do I write a stream of consesnece (grrr I cant spell
that). Not much goes on in my head. well, thats not true. Alot does I
just dont really like to think to much. Some people LOVE to think
alot. They think so much they develop a disease called the
Paralysis of Analysis. Yes thats right ladies and gentlemen...thats a
person who is tooooo emotional. I think they should just stop
thinking and everything will be hunky doory! Thats just my opinion
though. I was told today that I am too touchy so Im gonna chill out
on that. I dont like any of these guys Im touchy with and thats why it
doesnt bother me. If I liked a guy i probably wouldnt even
acknowledge them. I dont know why, dont ask. But yah so Im
gonna chill out. One guy imparticular. But yah so I will just sit
backa nd let the storm blow over and sip my little bit of sweet tea
as do. Life will be ok. Man its good to write. Im so much better at
typing then I am writing out stuff on paper. Oh and Im going to
school now. Im going for Video production. Its great but there were
only 2 students and the otehr one got kicked out last week so now
its down to me. Its gonna be complicated but Im sure Ill manage.
Praise God that He can get us through any crap we gotta go
through. Ok well I think Ive typed enough. Im gonna go now. Bye