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2002-10-07 20:32:01 (UTC)

how depressin'

iight today is monday. hmm wut did i do dis weekend. friday
i went to da moviez wit jason, jenn, mark, mandy, eric,
zane, glenn, and shawn. i saw tuxedo. well i thought da
movie whuz iight but da guyz wanted to go get sum food at
applebee'z so we all left da movie early. iight den i got
home 'round 11. iight on saturday i whuz plannin' on goin'
to da haunted houses wit everyone, but we couldn't get
ridez. so we all went up to kennegy. it whuz basically da
same peoplez dat went to da moviez, cept zane whuznt der
and bobby whuz. erin went up to kennegy wit me. den i came
home from da park 'round 10:30. den i went over and stayed
wit erin. we just chilled. den i came home at like 12 and
went shoppin' wit my mom. i got my shoez for homecoming. i
got silver onez and white onez...i dont kno which onez im
gonna wear yet. i also got jewelry for homecoming. after i
got home from da mall erin called and we walked over to her
brotherz and had sum barbeque. after dat me and erin went
tanning. i dont think it helped. i came home. talked on da
phone for awhile and den went to my grandma'z. she is
fixing my dress for homecoming. i got home and called jason
back. we got into dis big arguement 'bout sumthin' stupid
and den he broke up wit me. i've never been dumped b4 and
lemme tell u. i didnt like it one bit. i felt all bad. i
didnt cry or nuttin' but it made me sad.i dont take
rejection well. well anywayz today at school jenn cumz up
and tellz me dat jason is gonna go wit devin to homecoming
now instead of me. dat overly pissed me off. and devin knew
i liked him. pissez me off. i dunno. den jason cumz up
tryin' to talk to me. and i just kinda sat der and
listened to him talk. he'z like r u gonna call me
2nite..and im like no. and den he goez why not..im like
derz nuttin to say. im sittin her thinkin omg he dumped me
yesterday and expectz me to be jumpin' for joy. and den he
is goin to homecoming wit my enemy. uhh NO. he'z pissin'
laura off.i dunno. oh and todya i had i.s.s again and guess
wut i got it AGAIN tomorrow. i whuz late to i.s.s today so
i get another one tomorrow. datz shit!! i hate it. oh well
i dunno. my life is confusin' and i should be depressed but
i aint. i dont even give a fuck no more. "shiznit happenz"
is my quote of da day. iight im done. peace.

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