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2002-10-07 19:17:02 (UTC)

attention span of a stapler

so yea, its monday. one of those "no attention span-no
short term memory-*uh*bleeding like a skinned pig" kinda

In short, in the last week, Ive (yet again) came to the
conclusion that it is best for me to purge myself of all
that is unhealthy!!!
so Ive taken to simply ignoring certain people! It's
actually ok this way, I figure the less I know about wot is
going on in their life the better off I am. (ignorance once
in a while *is* bliss).
And i quit my lastest job. No more crying children for me,
now i think im gonna go back to working with books.
They Don't Talk!
also, (due to the whole period thing) im sorta hormonally
allllll over the place. Being mean/nasty to some and cry-y
and attention wanting from others. I had better *never*
have kids...goddess the mood swings Id go thro.
secondly, Im paranoid about gaining the weight i lost back.
so im smoking a whole lot more which in turn is just gross.
(cliche time, ya can't win for loosing)
on the plus side i had a pretty cool weekend.
friday i went out to marcies and the continental (a goth
bar and a gay bar) which lead to me and my cuz pete being
extremely drunk. hey, it was all very much worth it! and
lucky duck that i am, had noo hang over.
saturday consisted of shopping, bitching, eating and
sleepiing. always a good mix
and sunday was a family day, went to the grandparents place
for homemade lasgana and 11 games of Trouble.

all -n- all it helped me to feel better.

ok im out