Title? Um, What should I call it?
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2002-10-07 18:55:29 (UTC)

Guest of Honor

Smile and be joyous;
You're next for dinner.
You want to know
If your garments are appropiate;
It really don't matter at this point.
Do you want carrots or celery
Served with your carcass?
(I prefer both myself,
But c'est la vie!)
You were always a thorn;
I truly wish you didn't
Have to go so soon.
You were headed for your demise,
And yet all I heard
Was a happy melody.
(Now, the only song you'll hear
Is your own funeral dirge.)
Man, you were so predictible,
I almost felt ashamed of myself...
(Almost being the opertive word!)
I waited by the roadside,
You had to come by this way
Sooner or later.
You made this job so easy;
No fight, no bitter word, no defense.
I would have thought
One as brilliant as yourself
Would have stayed away
From such an obvious trap as this.
Ah, but enough reminescing...
Let me propose the toast,
This toast is for you, my friend,
Thanks for the memories,
Thanks for the feast,
Hey, don't look so sad...
After all, you're the guest of honor!

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